Flamingo Flocks Help Feather LCFC’s Nest

Birds of a feather help Lisburn Community Fire Company firefighters train and protect life and property together.

What makes a beautiful yard?

Flamingos, of course.

Have fun while donating to help your local fire company. You can donate to have a flock of friendly flamingos land in someone’s yard: your own, a friend’s, a neighbor’s, or your boss’ yard. At your request, we’ll plant a flamingo flock in the designated front yard accompanied by a sign in support of LCFC.

Twenty-mile radius from Lisburn Community Fire Company.

Flamingos can be flocked within a 20 mile radius of Lisburn.

If you hate flamingos, and do not want to see them alight in your front yard, flocking insurance is also available. All monies raised are directed to the equipment fund to finance new trucks or firefighting equipment.

To get started on your flock, download the simple form, complete and mail it with your donation to LCFC, 1800 Main St., Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.

Thank you for helping Lisburn Community Fire Company.

And keep your eyes peeled for the next flamingo flock.