Gun Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the sixth Annual Gun Raffle Lisburn Community Fire Company sponsored by Lower Allen Township Fire Department and LCFC and held on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Volunteers for the 2016 Annual Gun Raffle at Lisburn Community Fire Company produced jointly with Lower Allen Township Fire Department.


$500.00 CASH     511
GUN SAFE            11
GUN SAFE            500
1ST                          317
2ND                        683
3RD                        780
4TH                        952
5TH                        27
6TH                        1156
7TH                        705
8TH                        741
9TH                        76
10TH                      369
11TH                       238
12TH                      754
13TH                      157
14TH                      808
15TH                      286
16TH                      468
17TH                      534
18TH                      849
19TH                      481
20TH                      885

Proceeds from all ticket sales benefit the Lisburn Community Fire Company, 1800 Main St., Mechanicsburg, and the Lower Allen Township Fire Department. Thank you all who attended and bought ticketss, and to all the fabulous volunteers who made the event possible.

Full rules for the event are available on the original post.